Ottica Creative Services

Welcome to Ottica Creative Services

Ottica CS came about in 2020 through my experience with Ottica TV; of setting up and recording art installations that required audio-visual content. Nowadays it is not uncommon when visiting a gallery to come across installations that include projection both in a 'flat wall' context and in interaction with sculptural and design elements. Ottica CS seeks to provide a low cost option to these projects. Initially through our PAT testing facility - something that is becoming increasingly relevant due to the elderly (though aesthetic) nature of much equipment. This PAT testing facility can be extended to 'non-creative industry' individuals and businesses.

Ottica CS is also interested in providing low cost videography for the business community seeking to gain a digital presence on social media. Often all that is needed is a 1 to 3 minute short at 1080p (HD). This can include our own content on a 'free to use' basis; notably bespoke movie footage, text-to-speech, sound and music. Later this year it is hoped to provide a drone filming service.